Olfa CMP3 Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3)

Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3) - Image 1
Producent: Olfa
Productcode: OLF-CMP3
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Gewicht0.08 kg
Toegevoegd aan de catalogus:24.1.2006
Tags:Rotary-blades-18mm Calipers
"The ground-breaking patented ratchet mechanism of the rotary circle cutter easily and efficiently cuts clean, perfect circles from 1 7/8" to 8 1/2" every time. Designed for both right and left-handed use and reduces wrist fatigue connected with 'yo-yos', Cathedral Windows, Drunkard's Path, etc. Includes a built-in blade cover for safety, and a plastic guard to cover the pivot spike when not in use. Uses RB18 (standard) replacement blades. Guaranteed Forever."
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Toegevoegd aan de catalogus: 24.1.2006
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